Anthems To The Disembodied

by M.O.R.

  • Cassette + Digital Album

    Catalog no: UNI10
    Release date: August 27th, 2016
    32 minute cassette tape. Limited to 150.
    Pro-dubbed. Matte black cassette with color label.
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M.O.R. is one of the numerous low-profile manifestations of Geneviève and S. de la Moth's musical partnership over the last 20 years. It briefly existed in 2005-06, just enough time to give birth to their unreleased Anthems to the Disembodied and hit the stage once. It is what led to Menace Ruine, making the transition from a more electronic period to their current and best known project together. In fact, they first named Menace Ruine what they liked to call their "vegan synth-trash-metal" band, but since they shifted so quickly from one to another, they kept the name for their upcoming music, and for this projet simply translated Menace Ruine into Menace Of Ruin, using the acronym of it, which was highly meaningful: "death" being "mort" in French, and quite rightly, M.O.R.'s music is all about death...

Since they have always been fond of this album, they decided to mark its 10th anniversary by releasing it on their own label, Union Finale.

Anthems to the Disembodied was influenced by their 80's trash metal favorites and the book The Heretic's Feast: a History of Vegetarianism by Colin Spencer. They had a blast working on this album together, despite the seriousness of the matter...

After a few years of veganism, obsessing over the fact that the whole world was not vegan already, Geneviève began to steal her neighbours' grocery flyers and to make compulsive collages out of the raw meat pictures, in search of answers. How could dead corpses like these be appetizing to people? Why is it morally accepted to expose murdered bodies and to put a price over them? How could this be considered as normal? How come the mass killing of nonhuman animals is daily routine, and goes unpunished? Meanwhile, Steve was programming trash metal riffs and beats... So they met at this highly creative crossroads. Geneviève wrote the lyrics directly inspired by the aforementioned Spencer's book she had read with great enthusiasm a few years back.


released August 27, 2016

Vocals, guitars, synths, lyrics and collage artwork by Geneviève.
Synth & drum programming, audio mix and graphic layout by S.
Mastering by James Plotkin.
Produced in 2005-06.



all rights reserved


Union Finale Saint Alphonse Rodriguez, Québec

Union Finale is the music label of Geneviève and S. of Menace Ruine

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Track Name: Trapped in Matter
Matter is bad
Matter is evil
All flesh derives from the realm of darkness
Partaking of flesh weights the spirit down
so that it can no longer fly to God
Matter is bad
Matter is evil
Experience the formless reign
In the sphere of nothingness
In the sphere of neither cognition nor non-cognition
The more insubstantial the foods
the closer the body could come to the gods
Matter is bad
Matter is evil
All flesh’s born of coition
Sex is impure
It propagates more matter
The purpose of life
is not to become entangled
in the material world
but to remain on the edge
on the outside
Life trapped in matter...
Matter is bad
Matter is evil
Mouth's a sepulchre for animals
Soul incarcerated in the body as in a tomb
Light particles like insects in amber
Matter is bad
Matter is evil
Cosmic battle of light and darkness
Wisdom and folly
Good and evil
Mind and body
A battle between life and death
Life trapped in matter and flesh.
Track Name: Before The Fall
Before the Fall
Distant memory
of peace and plenty
A past when no blood was shed
No blood stained men’s lips
Non-violent, vegetarian
No killing, no pain
After the Fall
A world of thorns,
thistle, slaughter and ills
Cain tiller of fields
gave fruits to God
Abel keeper of sheep
gave a sheep to God
God preferred Abel
Cain killed Abel
God doomed Cain
New era
Noah cooked meat
and smelled a sweet savour
Before the Fall
Meat is for God
Veggies for men
After the Fall
Blood belongs to God
Meat is for men
The setting apart of blood is sacred
for murder to be avoided
Now that men killed God
both meat and blood are for them.
Track Name: Metempsychosis
Killing animals is killing people
Eating animals is eating people
And eating people is wrong
So eating animals is wrong

The soul is immortal
passing on into another body
either human or animal after your death

People are reborn
in the time flow of life on earth
All life forms should be treated as kindred

Recollection of previous lives
Rebirth any number of times

Transmigration of souls

Through complete abstention from meat
all of us could recall what we have been
La viande rend l'esprit impur et fait de nous des brutes
You murder your cousin to eat his flesh
The cries of a dog is the voice of a friend

Recollection of previous lives
Rebirth any number of times

'til you break the circle

Return to the light of day from the dwellings of Hades

Break the vicious circle

Killing animals is killing people
Eating animals is eating people
And eating people is wrong
So eating animals is wrong.
Track Name: Bios Orphikos I The Kill
Dionysos le seul dieu qui meurt
Dernier roi parmi les dieux
Dionysos a reçu l'univers
Des mains de son père Zeus
Le passage ne se fait plus par la dévoration
Mais par une cuisson initiatique
Les Titans maîtres initiateurs
Dionysos le seul sacrifice
Unité dispersée
Meurtre antique
La douleur de Perséphone
Unité rassemblée
Les Titans condamnés
à leur prison cosmique
Le Tartare
Track Name: Bios Orphikos II The Bacchants
Dance yourself into frenzies when animals are torn to pieces.
Track Name: Bios Orphikos III The Lake of Mnemosine
Tu trouveras à gauche de la demeure d'Hadès une source
Et, tout auprès, un cyprès blanc.
Ne t'approche pas de cette source.
Tu en trouveras une autre,
Qui fait couler son eau fraîche
Du lac de Mnémosyne;
Des gardiens se tiennent devant elle. Dis-leur:
Je suis fils de la Terre et du Ciel étoilé;
Mais ma race est céleste; vous le savez aussi.
Je suis desséchée de soif et je meurs;
Donnez-moi vite
L'eau fraîche qui coule
du lac de Mnémosyne.
Et ils te laisseront boire à la source divine,
Et tu régneras alors parmi les autres héros.

Tablette tumulaire de Pétilia
Strongoli, Grande Grèce, IV-III av. J-C
Track Name: Grounds of Suspicion
Riches consist not in the extent of possessions
but in the fewness of the wants

What people eat is a symbol of what they believe
It begins at breakfast

Animals are not fodder for humans
We make our life by the death of others

A god like power over living creatures
Doing nothing is allowing things to happen

Respect for life
We're all born in the footsteps of the cow

Take care of how you earn your living
you soldiers, butchers, fishermen...
You weak minds!

Fill the belly first and think the principles last
You weak minds!

Man is so fashionable
You weak minds!

The increase of luxury is but the multiplication of filth
You weak minds!

Respect for life
We're all born in the footsteps of the cow

Killing is not natural to humans
Killing needs a suitable setting
Gastronomic preferences legitimise regular slaughter
Vice is a necessary evil
They know their turn is coming soon
They know they're gonna die for nothing
For the pleasure of men
For stomachs
For weak minds

You know it, you know
There's more than just grounds of suspicion
Evidence is of your eyes
Evidence is of your ears
Violence is real
The violence of humankind
Track Name: Diet of Blood
Impulse to sweetness
Longing for salt
Revulsion to bitterness
Caution with new foods
Obstinacy in sticking to foods we know

Desire for meat is sensual
Texture of cooked muscle's unique
Mysterious satisfaction
Memory of a hunting time

You cook meat because you tend to dislike the taste of blood
Disguise the murdered animal with herbs, spices, oil
as though embalming a human corpse

Don't you feel horror at the sight of the burnt corpse lying on the table?

Man is not a natural flesh eater
If you want flesh then kill it yourself
with your hands, your teeth and your jaws
Then sit down and eat it

You're already in putrefaction
Your belly is a malediction
You're nothing more than a passage for food
Nothing more than a filler of privies

Has nature given us so insatiable a stomach
while she has given us so insignificant bodies?